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The Importance of Conformity When It Comes to Resale Value

For the next part of my appearance on “Your Carolina With Jack and Megan,” I’m explaining the importance of conformity when it comes to investing in a home.

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Today I’m happy to show you the second part of my guest appearance on “Your Carolina With Jack and Megan.

This time we answered a different question from one of their viewers: Is it bad to invest in a home with a steep driveway or power lines?

The key to answering this question is a word called conformity. It’s not bad as long as the home conforms to the area—whether that’s the city or the neighborhood—and is typical of all the other homes. If the house is located up in the cliffs where all homes have steep driveways, for example, you shouldn’t have a problem. If you’re in a flat area and your house is the only one with a steep driveway, however, that could be an issue.

Think like a buyer and make sure your home is typical of all the other homes.

You need to look at it from a buyer’s perspective. All things being equal, if there’s something about your home that could be perceived as bad, you want to be careful about that. You want to think about practical things as well as resale value, like the impact snow would have on a steep driveway or where the driveway connects to the house.

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