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Tips for Selling Success in Spring Market

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In the real estate market, “spring” usually comes early, with people eager to list their homes as soon as in January to beat the competition as the weeks get closer to March.  But if you missed this year’s after-winter opportunity, now’s the next best time to sell.  With so many new home shows popping up everywhere on TV, now more than ever, buyers are super savvy so to help you with your home selling endeavor this year we have put together a few tips to get those buyers rolling in.

Make Them Want To Come Inside
Nothing makes a buyer more interested in seeing the property than a gorgeous exterior.  Excellent curb appeal does not have to take a lot of time, effort or money but if you do not tend to this essential aspect of selling your home, you could end up losing a lot of potential buyers to the competition. 

Curb appeal is simply a matter of maintaining and sprucing up the exterior and entranceway of your home.  By cleaning up dirty siding, fixing up post-wintertime yard messes or fixing minor cracks and crevices in the driveway – buyers will be wooed by that inviting first impression.  Take the time to add some flowers, put out a warm welcome mat and give buyers an idea of what they can expect when they set foot inside.  Not tending to this can make all the difference in the number of offers you may or may not get on your listing.

Once They’re In, Show Off Your Space!
So often sellers are selling a home without realizing that potential buyers have different tastes than their own.  The single best way to bridge the divide between one aesthetic sense versus another is to keep things neutral, neat and nice.  If you have a bright orange room, a fresh coat of neutral paint may just be the thing needed to attract the right buyer.  If there are gorgeous walk-in closets in the home, remove most of the items in the closet so the buyer can visualize their own things in the space. 

Fix any things that need repairs, remove the clutter from your home, have it professionally cleaned and then dress it up so you can show it off to the next owner!  If there are any cracks in caulking or baseboards, work to get them fixed.  Clean up baseboards, remove cobwebs and fix up anything else that may need repairs.

Leave a Lasting Impression
As buyers leave your home and move on to view the next one on their list, it is important that they remember your home.  Imagine that your home will be showcased in a magazine.  How would you set things up? Would you rearrange your furniture?  Remove extra items that are too personal or clutter up the space too much.  By giving these things thought and planning how you will present your home, buyers (and agents) that see your home will likely remember it and come back to it after seeing other properties that did not quite meet their standards. 

Keep in mind a show-ready home is one that shows off all the features and amenities of the property. When they can see the full potential of the home, buyers are able to imagine living in the space and they are far more likely to put in an offer.
If you are getting ready to sell once you have worked on its curb appeal and set up the home’s interior ready for showing – it is a good idea to invite your Realtor for a walk-through.  Years of experience selling (and buying) homes with clients give them the perfect insight needed.  Good luck!

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