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Four Reasons For Greenville, SC Homeowners to Sell Now

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You probably have heard this phrase before: Real estate is local. In fact, someone wrote a book with this very same title. The important point being that no matter what you hear about the national or global real estate market – it will likely have little to no bearing on a local market. And this holds very true for our marketplace right now.

After several years of being a buyer-centric real estate market, ours has now begun to shift toward the sellers’ favor. The beauty of the current situation, however, is that buyers are still positioned to obtain the best deals of their lifetime with phenomenal interest rates still going strong.

But what does this mean to existing homeowners? It turns out that with the latest shift in market trends, homeowners are at a unique advantage right now – especially those with good homes, in great locations with lots of features that buyers are seeking these days. Our sales continue to increase, indicating changing buyer trends and the resultant lower available inventory.

Are you currently on the fence about whether to sell or not should put their homes on the market?  Here are four things you can count on if you list your home today:

Beat Shadow Inventory to the Market

Now that so much of the foreclosure crisis of 2010-2011 is under the bridge, banks are beginning to unload countless properties onto the market. In fact, in Greenville County foreclosure filings have been on the rise recently, unlike the previous few quarters where we were seeing a decline in such filings. Still, bank-owned properties will offer attractive deals to buyers once they hit the market so selling now will help sellers avoid that added competition.

Take Advantage of Buyers’ Buying Power

No one knows how long the current record setting low interest rates will last. But the only way anyone will know they have hit bottom is once rates start to climb again. Right now, buyers are enjoying unprecedented buying power and they realize this will not last forever. As a seller, you will be able to sell efficiently and effectively when you have buyers eager to seize today’s opportunities.

Hit the Market While It Is Still Predictable

Everyone knows that the economy directly impacts the housing market. But do you realize that there are several other factors that can make (or break) the housing market as well?  For instance, the presidential elections taking place this year, the European debt crisis under way and a national jobs market that fluctuates regularly. There is no telling how things will be from one quarter to the next and from one season to the next but sellers can count on today’s trends.

Less Selling Competition = More Money In Your Pocket

Since the housing market crashed in 2007/2008, millions of homeowners in America have been watching and waiting for the right time to make any moves. But today, there are fewer homes on the market, amounting to a wave of interest from buyers that feel they must lock in the low interest rates while they can. Many areas are seeing multiple offers and even bidding wars for homes that in great shape and located in desirable locations.
If you are considering selling, now is absolutely the time to get your home on the market. Contact us today at 864.527.768 or dhamilton@kw.com for a customize consultation about your property.

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